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Data Science and Econophysics

Data Science and Econophysics

During recent decades, the financial market landscape has changed dramatically with the deregulation of markets and the growing complexity of products. The ever-increasing speed and decreasing costs of computational power and networks have led to the emergence of huge datasets. Data science is the discipline that deals with collecting, preparing, managing, analysing, interpreting and visualising large and complex datasets. The availability of these datasets permits the development of data driven models that are developed on the empirical observations of economic and financial systems. Despite data driven models are popular approaches, there has been little interaction between these techniques and econophysics modelling.
Econophysicists mainly apply methods from statistical physics, the physics of complex systems and science of networks to macro/micro-economic modelling, financial market analysis and social problems and they mainly ground their studies on empirical evidences.
The present workshop aims to bridge that gap between data driven and econophysics modelling by inviting submissions that apply and ideally combine these techniques to economics and finance systems in real world applications.

Abstract Submission

The abstract submission deadline is 1st April 2020


Scientific Committee

Panos Argyrakis

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Tiziana Di Matteo

King’s College London, UK

Lykourgos Magafas

International Hellenic University


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